Schofield Fitness's 6 Core Principles

Our aim at Schofield Fitness is simple, to help people lose weight, live longer and be happier. We do this through our 6 core principles 

1. Long term over short
We want to help our clients with a life changing and life long transformation! We can only do that by focusing on long term goals, if you are looking to only lose weight in the next few weeks then we aren't for you.

2. Never dieting
All diets are short term focused! We work with you to develop a long term nutrition plan that involves eating the food you enjoy but also working towards your long term fitness goal.

3. Education based advice, no gimmicks, no secrets, no magic fix's
No low carb, no shake diets, no fat burners, no ab belts, no ..... well you get the idea, if it promises a quick fix then you won't find it anywhere here. We offer long term results and that requires long term habits, long term advice and a willingness to change

4. Health and well being are a non negotiable of life
Its important to understand that being fit and healthy is the single most important thing in your life. You live longer, have less stress, argue less with your spouse, can play with your kids more, have more day to day energy, less depressed, sleep better, enjoy life more oh and of course look better!

5. Everything is about balance
In order to stay focused you MUST have a balance to your life, we don't want you to eat plain chicken and broccoli for every meal and to never drink again. You need to enjoy your life, eat the food you enjoy, have a few drinks but its about being smart with how you do that, drinking every night with a pizza isn't going to cut it, but a few at the weekend with a takeaway every couple of weeks could actually help.

6. Nutrition is key!
This is where most people go wrong they think that putting in the time and effort at the gym is all that is required, I cannot stress this next bit enough. You MUST take the time to focus on your eating habits!! This is a huge area that we cover, we don't just provide you with your training, we also teach you everything you need to know about nutrition so you can transform your body for good. 

As you can see we don't just want to help with 1 area of your fitness, we are a holistic approach to your well being. If you would like to make your very own life changing transformation then we just need to have a quick chat with you about your goals and your currently level of fitness to assess if we are the right programme for you.