Life felt pretty rough a few years ago.

I was 18 years old and out drinking every night at University. I was supposed to be in the prime of my life, but I’d never felt worse.

My belly started showing through my clothes and my confidence was completely non-existent. I couldn’t do ten press-ups or a single pull-up or sit-up. I tried for the football team but found I couldn’t run for more than ten minutes… I was red faced from embarrassment and exhaustion. Women didn’t notice me and I didn’t have the confidence to approach them, and as a result I was slowly becoming more and more reclusive, burying myself in food, drink and the TV.

I had become known as ‘the fat lad’ at University and I knew it just wasn’t me.

I would look in the mirror and not recognise the person looking back at me. It was like looking into a funhouse mirror; the features were all the same… but I just couldn’t believe that he was me. In my head I was still the young, lean teenager I had always been, but the guy looking book at me was very overweight, there was no two ways about it.

Two things happened soon after. First my old trusty 36” jeans no longer fit me and I finally had to cave and buy a pair of 38”, then to add insult to injury a week later my favourite shirt ripped in a cartoon-esque way, with the button popping off and flying across the room.

I had literally reached breaking point.

I knew I couldn’t take it anymore, and that was it; time for a change.

And I did it.

I worked hard and it paid off. I’ve developed muscles I didn’t even know existed, I have more energy day to day and I sleep better. I’ve completed three Tough Mudders, I play football twice a week and I have strength, stamina and speed. People actually compliment me on my appearance. But the best change isn’t physical but mental. The shy, reserved and quiet guy is gone. I’m confident, proud and best of all, happy.

And, thanks to my transformation, women actually started noticing me. The first time a woman came up to me I looked over my shoulder to see if someone was stood behind me! But now I have the most beautiful girlfriend, something I never thought could happen, and I still pinch myself waking up next to her. Without my change in physique and the confidence that came with it, I would have never even bothered trying to talk to her for fear of rejection.

All of this came from one decision on one day; the day I saw my button pop off my shirt and realised I had to make a big change to my life. I stopped drinking so much, starting eating right and I got my shit together so I could wake up in the morning feeling fresh and strong rather than wanting to hit snooze and go back to sleep. Now I wake up happy with a smile on my face. If I catch a glimpse in the mirror I like what I see. I don’t get out of breath taking the stairs and I don’t have to worry about hiding my body behind baggy black jumpers. I enjoy good food without feeling bad about it and I’m no longer insecure when out in public.

Has it been easy?  

No. But one of my favourite sayings is; “nothing in life worth having comes easy.” I struggled through it by working hard, and I earned the rewards.

Has it been expensive? 

No. Hard work and commitment are free, and cutting the booze put pennies in my pocket.

Has it changed my life? 

Absolutely. Without the hard work and commitment I wouldn’t be the person I am today; I wouldn’t have a great girlfriend, wouldn’t be able to enjoy playing football with my friends and I wouldn’t be as happy and outgoing as I am now. It might sound dramatic to put everything that is good in my life down to getting fit, but that really is what being healthy has done to me. It was the change in confidence that allowed me to take the plunge and travel through Australia and South East Asia for over a year and, on my return, to quit an office job I hated to pursue my dream of starting my own fitness business so I could help other people who may be in the same position that I was.

The secret? 

The secret is there is no secret. It just takes hard work and commitment to a suitable diet and exercise programme.

What would I do differently? 

Through my journey I fell for a lot of false marketing; I bought ‘magic’ pills, tried every fad diet and listened to poor advice from unqualified people. I even tried an ab belt to vibrate me fit (what was I thinking!?). So, if I had to go back, I would find a professional who knows that they’re talking about and who will help keep me on track from the start… and it’s for that reason that I became a personal trainer.

It’s now my mission to use my experience and knowledge to help men complete their own life-changing transformations. I want to provide clarity and integrity in the haze of fake research, supplement scams and false marketing. I want to help you help yourself.


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