Harrogate's Fastest Growing Group Training Programme For Women

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Why We Only Train Women

Our women only training programme is like no other.

We understand that its incredibly difficult for women to balance everything these days, work, family, social life and then fitness on top of that.

Thats why our training programme is designed to maximise your fat loss with the precious time that you do have via our women only group PT training programme where you will train with like minded women, no skinny teens, no men, no intimidation.

How We Get Results 

Fun Group Training

Our main aim for the training is to make sure you enjoy your training, no one can stick to a programme they hate doing with is why we make sure that every workout is different, balanced but also effective.

No long boring cardio, no cardio machines, just fun and effective training programmes


We have the word "diet", here we teach you about nutrition and how to effectively lose fat while still eating the foods you enjoy through our 2 tiered nutritional education programme.

Long lasting eating habits.

No more ineffective crash diets.

Our Fantastic Community 

Going alone can be daunting, frustration and very difficult. This is why our priority is the support network for you both in and out of the gym, we give you full access to your coaches all day every day. 

Our aim is to make you feel welcomed, teach you about fitness and have a laugh in the process